Cash on delivery (COD): 

Only applicable for order value not exceeding 3,000,000 VND. Please receive the goods and pay directly with the delivery staff. 

Transfer payment via Marou’s bank account:  

Customers transfer money to the account number accepting payment (as follows);  

The amount of the transfer must be equal to the amount to be paid (included VAT) for the corresponding order plus the shipping fee;  

The transfer description must include (Store code_ Order number_Client’s phone number)  

For example, if you place an order at Maison Marou Saigon, order number is 1234, phone number is 0909xxxxxx, transfer description: MMS_1234_0909xxxxxxx.  

After receiving the transfer successfully, Marou’s staff will notify and proceed to deliver the goods to the customer. 

Ho Chi Minh City Area Store code Ho Chi Minh City Area 
Maison Marou Flagship Saigon MMS 
STK: 1012756146 
Ho Chi Minh City Branch  
Maison Marou Flagship Thao Dien MMTD 
Maison Marou Cafe Nguyen Du MMND 
Marou Station Crescent Mall MSCRM 
Maison Marou Hikari Binh DuongMMBD
Ha Noi City Area Store code Ha Noi City Area  
STK: 0011004360103 
Branch of The Exchange  
Maison Marou Tay Ho MMTH 

Online Payment Online payment via OnePAY 


Maison Marou does not currently support direct card payment at the time of receipt. 

Ensuring transaction security 

Maison Marou Management has used services to protect member information and goods on Maison Marou. To ensure the successful conduct of transactions, minimizing the risks that may arise, members should not give detailed information about payments to anyone by email or another form of communication, Maison Marou is not responsible for the damages or risks that members may incur in the exchange of members’ information over the Internet or email. Members do not use any other program, tool, or form to interfere with the system or alter the data structure. It is strictly forbidden to spread, spread or promote any activity aimed at interfering with, undermining, or encroaching on the Maison Marou system. All violations will be dealt with by the Operating Regulations of Maison Marou e-commerce application and the provisions of law. All transaction information on Maison Marou is confidential, except when required to be provided by law enforcement.